Welcome to Norway

Norway, the land of beautiful fjords that are cutting their way from the sea through the country, carved out by ice. Home of the Vikings, famed for their boat building and navigation skills. The North Cape, Europe’s northernmost point, a must do for the people travel in Norway. And of course, the endless nature and landscapes will take your breath away. Almost the half of the population lives in the far south, in the area around the capital Oslo. About two-thirds of the country is covered by mountains and in a big part of the coastline you can see deep glacial fjords. Norway’s economy is mostly based on oil and gas production and that makes her one of the world’s most prosperous countries.

Cool Facts

Norway is one of the richest states in the world and has savings for each citizen.

Norwegian born in ski.

Fishing is more important than business.

The longest road tunnel in the world is in Norway.

Europe’s biggest herd of wild reindeer lives here.

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo.

Activities – Highlights