Welcome to Sweden

Explore Sweden and its destinations. Sweden is a perfect destination for nature beauty lover's, starting from the lush green of south till the stark beauty of the north . Thousands of small coastal islands and inland lakes as well as the huge glaciated mountains won't disappoint you. Stockholm, the city capital of this country, with the untouched architecture and magnificent historic sites will make you feel like you are walking into the past.

Cool Facts

Sweden is the home country of Nobel, and the nobel prize.

Stockholm is the best planned city in the world : 1/3 human 1/3 water 1/3 green earth.

More than 20.000 Sami people live in Sweden.

The 99% of Sweden’s waste is renewable.

Sweden is the first cashless society, even children pay with debit card.

One of the few countries where the land mass is growing without war.

Activities – Highlights